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Sub rack V3
Compact Shelf

Product Overview

Subrack Version 3

The subrack holds one MCU-x and up to 16 ULAF+ plug-in units. Cascading of up to 4 subracks is possible to manage up to 64 plug-in units with one controller card. Backplane access to the line cards’ E1 and Ethernet interfaces minimizes costly cabling where MCU’s Ethernet concentration or TDM over Ethernet functionality is needed. Management communication between line cards and the MCU is done over a high performance backplane bus.

Compact Shelf

The ULAF+ Compact Shelf is a versatile chassis for space and temperature critical applications. It can be used in central offices and at customer premises and can host any two ULAF+ line cards in managed applications or any three line cards in CPE or unmanaged applications. The Compact Shelf is designed for indoor sites and outdoor cabinets with extended temperature range. Its compact size and its variety of mounting options is the ideal solution for remote SHDSL and fiber based access services. This Compact Shelf provides all the flexibility of the well established ULAF+ family. Its future proof architecture protects your investment

Desktop Rack

Desktop Rack

19" mechanical cabinet to accomodate 8 desktop unit.

EIU Plug-in

EIU - E1 Insertion Unit

4xG.703 (E1) interface on-board, adaptor for BNC available, for Circuit Emulation Services with sub rack V3 / MCU-CES.

Desktop Mounting Set

Mounting Set 1HU for Desktops

19" shelf board for desktop units.

Data Sheets


Subrack to host up to 16 plug-in units plus one management and concentration unit.

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Chassis to host up to 3 plug-in units (2x modmes plus 1x management card or 3x modems)

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