Access Solution product portfolio - ULAF+

The Access Solutions product portfolio offers all parts to design high quality access networks for Carrier Ethernet and TDM services. Under the famous product brand ULAF+ a wide range of HW and SW components are available to meet various customer requirements.

Subrack V3

Central Office Equipment

Subracks, Compact Shelves and Accessories for central office and street cabinet installations.


MCU - Management and Traffic Aggregation

Plug-ins to the central office equipment to manage entire subracks and to concentrate and switch traffic of a subrack or compact shelf

Acceed Family

ACCEED - Ethernet Demarcation Devices

Industry leading Ethernet Demarcation Devices for fibre and copper access including E1 circuit emulation options.


BSTU4 Desktop and Plug-in

BSTU4 - Ethernet First Mile Units

Line and Network Termination Units for copper access. Devices to deploy MEF compliant EFM services over up to 4 bonded copper wire pairs.

BSTU Desktop and Plug-in

BSTU/QSTU - TDM Leased Lines

Line and Network Termination Units for copper access using SHDSL.bis technology for highest performance and long distances.

BOTU Desktop and Plug-in

BOTU - Optical Termination Units

Line and Network Termination Units for fiber access to deploy TDM and MEF compliant Ethernet services.


BGTU Interface Converter

BGTU - Interface Converter

nx64 kbit/s and Fast Ethernet to G.704 converter.


BSRU - SHDSL Repeater

Cascadable repeater for SHDSL lines to extend the reach.



Subrack mechanics, cables, additional housings, SFP modules etc.


MetroIntegrator NMS

Network Management

Management Solutions and Applications: MetroIntegrator, LCT, LCT+, Download Manager, AccessIntegrtor


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