Albis Technologies Wins Large EFM SHDSL Projects In Italy

05. June 2012

Albis Technologies - a leading provider of copper and fiber based network access solutions - has been selected by one of the main network operators in Italy to deliver nation wide Carrier Ethernet services on its copper network. Two contracts have been signed for the immediate roll-out of ULAF+ ACCEED technology.

The ACCEED products will be deployed in two main configurations.
In the point-to-point configuration, an ACCEED link up to 8 bonded copper pairs will be used to offer increased bit rates over longer distances.
In the IP DSLAM configuration ACCEED Ethernet Demarcation Devices are used with copper pair bonding up to 4 wire pairs.

To facilitate the migration of legacy services, such as E1 and V.35, to packet technology, the Italian telecom operator is also deploying circuit emulation technology from Albis Technologies in the same point-to-point setup.

Key winning factor for selecting Albis Technologies is the leading architecture of ULAF+ which provides flexibility and uniqueness to integrate various technologies smoothly in the current network infrastructure:

  • Broad and deep compliancy to MEF and EFM
  • Full MEF and EFM compliant Ethernet demarcation
  • Integration of Ethernet and TDM technology in the same system
  • Facility for remote power and availability of EFM repeaters to extend reach
  • Leading edge QoS and OAM features for high quality services

By integrating the ACCEED technology into the fixed network infrastructure, the operator obtains an immediate value-add that enables new attractive services to be offered for the Italian telecommunication market.

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