upc cablecom decided for Albis Technologies to roll-out Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Service

24. September 2013

Leading Swiss telecom operator upc cablecom will roll-out its new Carrier Ethernet 2.0 service deploying Albis Technologies Ethernet Demarcation Devices. Albis' ACCEED devices will enable upc cablecom to fulfil the demand of enterprise customers for Ethernet connectivity meeting highest quality standards.

The ACCEED 2000 series fiber demarcation devices will be connected to the high performance packet backbone based on Multi Protocol Label Switching – Transport Profile (MPLS-TP), which upc cablecom implemented beginning of this year. The selected equipment of Albis Technologies has passed the demanding certification process for Carrier Ethernet 2.0 defined by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) earlier this year. The equipment as well has been tested intensively in the lab and network of upc cablecom. The Albis Technologies support team helped to train upc cablecom technicians in network planning and operations.

The reason to select Albis Technologies as supplier for that element in the network is based on several aspects. "The Albis Technologies ACCEED devices could differentiate regarding its features and capabilities. Complying with all Carrier Ethernet requirements paired with Synchronous Ethernet and Circuit Emulation Service capability the device perfectly meets our requirements." declares Mr. Walter Bichsel, Head of Business Development & Product Management at upc cablecom. Simple management integration and excellent local support have been additional factors for the decision.

The ACCEED Ethernet Demarcation Devices are available for copper and fiber access. Based on the same Hardware and Software architecture the demarcation devices allow easy integration and operation regardless of the transmission media. Features like Service Activation Testing and Zero Touch Provisioning simplify the setup of Ethernet services. Versatile capabilities to engineer Ethernet traffic enable network operators to offer new and flexible services meeting specific customer demands. A comprehensive feature set for performance monitoring and service supervision allow to guarantee customer SLAs. Finally several protection mechanisms are implemented to increase the reliability of the access to the network. "When we define our development roadmap we always have the operational challenges of network operators in mind. Due to our close relationship with many leading network operators we can learn a lot about their needs and implement features and tools in our products that simplify their task and help to save costs and time" declares Patrik Schoenenberger, Head of Access Solutions at Albis Technologies.

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