SBB Certify the Be-in/Be-out system of Albis and Trapeze

25. February 2014

Zürich, 10 February 2014 Named ComfoAccess®, Albis has developed together with Trapeze a new, revolutionary access system for public passenger transport which offers outstandingbenefits to passengers and public transport companies alike. At the end of 2013, Swiss Federal Railways SBB certified this Be-in/Be-out system. This enables Trapeze and Albis to offer a certified e-ticketing system worldwide that is based on this advanced technology.

Albis Technologies has developed ComfoAccess® in collaboration with its partner company Trapeze, Neuhausen am Rheinfall. With this solution, passengers carry a credit-card-size card along with them. When a bus, a tram or a train stops at a station or stop, the ComfoAccess® on-board system switches on activation fields in the vehicle entrance areas. As passengers board the vehicle, the chip on the card is tripped by the activation field. This means that the system is capable of detecting exactly whether a passenger is inside the vehicle or outside. Hence the name of the system: “Be-in/Be-out” (BiBo). A trip transaction is registered for each section of a trip and saved to the on-board computer. The certificate now awarded by SBB confirms a detection rate better then 99.9%.   

Successful certification by SBB

After thorough investigations, laboratory tests and field testing in the years of 2012 and 2013, Swiss Federal Railways confirmed that Trapeze and Albis Technologies qualified as suppliers for a country-wide card system allowing automatic ticket registration. The certification was awarded in the context of a Europe-wide invitation to tender. ComfoAccess® is the sole Be-in/Be-out system to have been technically certified in a homologation procedure by Swiss Federal Railways in 2013.


Benefits for passengers

No interaction or operation at all is required by passengers. All they have to do is to carry their Be-in/Be-out cards with them. They are charged later on, if requested with proof of individual trips conducted – in much the same way as is done on a monthly phone bill. As an alternative, passengers can almost instantly track the registration and charging information using a Smartphone app or pay by anonymous ComfoAccess® prepaid card.


Benefits for public transport companies

The Be-in/Be-out ticket enables public transport companies to price their services flexibly as a function of actual services rendered. This solution is bound to be highly promising for regional and urban public transport companies as well as country-wide public transport operators. It allows public transport companies to adjust rapidly and flexibly to conditions as they change and to modify their fare models accordingly. Moreover, special-purpose tickets for events or for advertising are easy to implement. Furthermore, passenger streams can be controlled by using appropriate pricing models – away from peak traffic times to off-peak ones. As little as a few percentage points of such a shift may reduce the required number of buses, trams or trains, or allow capital investments in infrastructure expansions to be reduced in a targeted way when the passenger count increases. The business case for implementing ComfoAccess®  is in many cases ensured alone by reductions in capital investment and operating costs of conventional ticketing systems.


Trapeze presents ComfoAccess® at IT-Trans 2014

Trapeze is showing ComfoAccess® in Hall 2, Booth C2 at the upcoming IT-TRANS, the international exhibition for IT trends and innovations in the field of public passenger transport to be held in Karlsruhe from 18 to 20 February 2014. Visitors to the exhibition can experience the comforts of ComfoAccess® first-hand every day on a 30-minute demonstration trip by bus. Please register by 12 February 2014 at 

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