SceneGate SDK

Unified Media Framework

Albis Technologies' open APIs offer a flexible integration approach to browser based or native middleware applications on SceneGate STB series; enabling functionalities for a broad range of services including DVB, Multicast IPTV, OTT and Media Sharing.

Albis Technologies focuses on the lower layer of the set-top box software which ensures and provides

  • Stable APIs
  • Robust video player implementation
  • Optimized drivers
  • Integrated browsers
  • An abstracted interface hiding low layer complexity

The SceneGate APIs provide a wide range of functionalities including but not
limited to:

  • IP Multicast Playback
  • VoD server control via RTSP
  • DVB (i.e. NIT scan, tuner handling, channel change, …)
  • OTT streaming
  • Teletext
  • Subtitles
  • Video Scaling, Audio control etc.
  • EPG manager providing EPG data
  • Local PVR recording
  • Time Shift TV (Pause Live TV)
  • Media Center support (UPnP/DLNA)
  • Display, Remote Control handling
  • Software Update (i.e. via IP unicast, etc.)


With the SceneGate open API there are several technologies supported, allowing integration of different applications and middleware including:

Opera and Ekioh

  • Native C/C++ (thick) clients
  • HTML5 browser based portal solutions using Java Script
  • SVG based solutions using Java Script or Ekioh media API


Learn more about the SceneGate SDK and open APIs.

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