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SceneGate Remote Control

Each SceneGate STB comes with an elegant infrared Remote Control which is available by default in a black or silver housing and is powered by two AAA/LR03 batteries. All functionality of any SceneGate STB can be controlled by the Remote Control.

The Remote Control can be optionally branded with a provider’s logo. The key labelling of the 45 keys can be adapted to the services a provider offers to its subscribers. Due to these options there is no unique layout – thus if a provider wants to allow its subscribers to use an Universal Remote Control, he is free to register his Remote Control
together with the part number of his STB, which is then related to the service with the correct key layout and functions.

The remote control is an important element for the overall usability. Therefore Albis Technologies also works with external remote control vendors to optimize the user experience and meet requirements for usability and functionality.

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SceneGate external HDDzoom

SceneGate HDD

An external Hard Disc Drive (HDD) is available as accessory for SceneGate STBs with an eSATA-interface (i.e. SceneGate 8000 and SceneGate 8100) or USB interface (all models). The HDD comes with an elegant slim-line aluminium alloy case and is directly powered by the STB.
The HDD is designed for permanent use and can support features such as Time Shift TV and Private Video Recording (i.e. scheduled recording, automatic recording of episodes and recording a channel whilst another channel is beeing watched) depending on the feature set offered by STB‘s middleware.

USB WLAN-stickzoom

USB WLAN stick                                               

A pre-integrated USB-WLAN stick allows wireless connectivity within home networks.


  • 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz)
  • Dimensions 34 x 16 x 8mm (mini design)
  • Weight: 4g

Other WLAN adpaters are available on request.



A choice of cables is available for each SceneGate STB including

  • HDMI cable
  • SCART cable fully equiped
  • Ethernet cable CAT5e
  • Ethernet cable flat CAT5e
  • Audio L/R (RCA) cable
  • Audio L/R + CVBS video (RCA)
  • SCART to RCA adapter
  • RF cable
  • S/PDIF digital audio cable
  • IR extender


The length and cables can be mixed and matched according to the requirements.

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