SceneGate product Family

Albis Technologies offers compelling STBs in their SceneGate product family.  Each member of the SceneGate family can be tailored for different services.  Our SceneGate set-top box is your ticket to delivering OTT and IPTV content, including premium events, in crystal-clear display quality ─ putting your subscribers right in the middle of the action. 

From a compact footprint that is cost-effective to a comprehensive rich feature set, the SceneGate features include an integrated SD memory card support and an HDD slot; providing you with the flexibility to add advanced IPTV services like time-shifted TV and local PVR in the field to boost your revenue streams. The future-proof solution also supports OTT channels, HD picture-in-picture (PiP), is 3D TV ready, and features an advanced graphics CPU for an exhilarating television experience.

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