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Albis Technologies - focussing on telecom and multimedia products, solutions and services - has a proven track record of many years of reliable and highly innovative product delivery, based on 20 years of developing Access technologies for business customers mainly of tier one operators, as well as 10 years of experience in the design of a multi media IPTV set top box portfolio.   

Albis was founded in 2008 by a team of  telecom experts via a MBO spin-off from Siemens in Switzerland. Yet, the history of Albis goes back almost 100 years, when on the same campus the company Protos - later Albis Werke - was developing and manufacturing telephones. Today Albis is still located in the Albis technology park next to the Albis mountain range and next to the innovative IT data centre for the Zurich municipalities.   

The telecom industry has always been on the forefront of driving new ideas and concepts influenced by new technologies, globalization and liberalization, and as an equipment supplier Albis is forced to relentlessly adapt to this ever changing telecom landscape, to be able to fulfil the global customer requirements by offering smart and innovative solutions to the service providers.   

In the triple-play arena Albis is offering smart IPTV set top box products and developing and marketing complete multi media solutions for small and medium sized telecoms, cable operators, ISPs and virtual network operators.  Albis is a pioneer in H.264 IPTV set-top box, and has profound knowledge in the end-to-end aspects of IPTV solutions. With our High Definition IPTV and Hybrid DVB STB we have made exceptional efforts to optimize the system and graphic performance, addressing today’s STB enhanced requirements for over-the-top (OTT) content delivery and user experience expectation.   

The service portfolio of the Engineering team encompasses project management and complex R&D development work, and based on our proven R&D experience, our engineering team offers as well to external clients the whole cycle of consult, design and develop, up to a finished product including SCM support.   

Albis with a strong history as a TDM copper solutions provider is today a well known provider of innovative enterprise access solutions for T1 operators and utility companies around the world, and is thus well experienced to support service providers in the journey of transforming last mile access for corporate customers into the Ethernet world.   

Customers, and especially corporate customers, expecting extremely high quality of service, therefore operators have to focus on providing top user experience by selling applications and services and not controlling technology. Albis’ aim is to support service providers in achieving these targets by offering simplicity for the operational teams and hiding the complexity of e.g. the Ethernet access products via an optimized network management system and zero-touch-provisioning.    

Based on a modular concept operators can continue to deliver a high quality service, which meets the service level agreements via already available cooper lines, thus protecting those investments and ensuring a smooth and future proof transition for their business customers from TDM and copper to carrier Ethernet over fibre, and finally expanding into the Metro aggregation area.   

Due to our unique set-up with three business units, maximising the advantages inherent in small business such as entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility and focus on excellence, Albis strives to fulfil the expectations of each individual customer. Supported by a range of partners from innovative technology enterprises to sales and marketing teams, combined with our highly skilled team of telecom experts with a diverse range of R&D and design expertise, Albis will continue to present an innovative, flexible and reliable support thus enabling tailored, but dynamically changing solutions and products to our global customers.

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